Brownies are always a win, whether for kids or adults.  You can make these gluten free by using ground almonds or gluten free flour instead of the flour and you can add extras like orange zest, coffee, swirls of caramel or peanut butter and even mini eggs at Easter



Ready In:




Skills covered

Baking, Weighing and Measuring, Whisking


By: Chloe Coker

Brownies are quick to make and really versatile – have them warm with ice cream as a quick dessert, put them in lunch boxes or have them with coffee.  You can add extras to spice them up a bit or just keep them plain and simple


185g butter
185g dark chocolate
3 eggs
200g golden caster sugar (or 100g dark brown sugar and 100g caster sugar)
85g plain flour (or use ground almonds/GF flour for a gluten free version)
40g cocoa powder
100g chocolate chips (white/milk or a mix) 


  • Preheat the oven to 180*c/160*c fan and line a 20cm square tin with baking paper.
  • Place the butter and dark chocolate in a heatproof bowl and melt in the microwave or place an inch of water in the bottom of a pan, bring it to the boil, turn the water off and place the heatproof bowl over the water until the chocolate melts. Leave the melted mixture to cool to room temperature
  • Crack the eggs into a large bowl and add the sugar. With an electric whisk, whisk the eggs and sugar until they turn pale and creamy and leave a ribbon trail (if you drizzle some of the mixture off the beaters back into the mixture it will leave a trail on the surface of the mixture for a few seconds)
  • Gently fold the cooled chocolate mixture into the egg mix, then sieve in the flour and cocoa and fold through. Stop mixing as soon as the flour and cocoa are incorporated
  • Stir through the chocolate chips then pour the mixture into the tin
  • Bake in the oven for 25-35 minutes until the middle has just set, the top has a crust and it is starting to come away from the sides. Leave to cool in the tin then cut into squares  

Tips, Tricks and Teaching Info

Lining Your Tin

Line your tin with baking paper.  To make sure that the paper goes right into the corners of the tin take the baking paper and scrunch it up into a ball.  Unfold so it is all crinkly – you will find that it is now much easier to bend into the corners of the tin

Cooking Time

Brownie texture is a very personal thing. If you like the squidy, take them out a couple of minutes early.  If you prefer them cakey, leave them in the oven for an extra minute or two

Once you have mastered brownies

try adding some extra flavours with orange zest / ground hazelnuts or have a go at blondies