Soups Step by Step

These are a quick and easy dessert to make.  Try changing the flavours by adding lemon or lime zest to the cheesecake mixture or topping with whatever fruit is in season



Ready In:

15 min



Skills covered

Whisking, layering, knife skills

Cheesecake Pots

By: Chloe Coker

These are a really quick and easy dessert to make and are great for making with kids. Top them with whatever fruit is in season



100g digestive biscuits
200g cream cheese
200g double cream or greek yoghurt
2 tbsp icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp strawberry jam
100g strawberries, sliced

  • Place the biscuits in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin. Divide between the 4 pots
  • Beat together the cream cheese, cream/yoghurt, icing sugar and vanilla until smooth. Add extra icing sugar if you prefer a sweeter cheesecake
  • Spoon the cream cheese mixture of the crumbs. Set aside to chill
  • When you are ready to serve, put the jam in a bowl and beat until loose. Gently stir through the strawberries then spoon onto the top of the cheesecakes

Tips, Tricks and Teaching Info

Seasonal Fruit

You can use whatever fruit is in season form rhubarb in Spring, berries in summer to plums in winter.  You can also top them with caramel, lemon curd or tinned fruit

Biscuit Base

Try changing the biscuit base from digestives to ginger nuts or even Oreo cookies.