Iced Buns

These lovely soft buns are delicious topped with coloured icing.  Alternatively add some chocolate chips or dried fruit to the dough and bake as a sweet loaf.



Ready In:

3.5 he



Skills covered

Bread, Baking, Glazing, Rolls, Weighing and Measuring

Iced Buns

By: Chloe Coker

These buns are not full brioche buns but the milk, butter and egg makes them soft and chewy, perfect for tea.  Alternatively add some chocolate chips or dried fruit and bake the dough into a loaf for a lovely soft sweet loaf.  Make a double batch and freeze for later..


500g strong white flour
12g instant yeast
10g salt
30g golden caster sugar
200ml milk
100ml water
50g butter (melted)
1 Egg, beaten 

  • Warm the milk, take it off the heat, add the butter and water and leave to cool until it is tepid. Once the milk is tepid, stir in the beaten egg
  • Place the flour in a large bowl, add the yeast, salt and sugar then stir everything to together
  • Make a well in the middle, pour in the milk mixture and stir together until everything is incorporated
  • Lightly flour or oil a work surface and knead your dough until it is smooth and pliable and an indent springs back
  • Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl and leave to rise until doubled in size (roughly 1-2 hours – note that this may take a little time as the dough is enriched).
  • Knock back / shape into buns. Cover with oiled cling film and prove until 1 ½ times the size and you can make an indent in the dough
  • Preheat oven to 200*c. 
  • Place the buns in the oven. Bake in the top third of the oven for 20-30 mins for a loaf, 10-15 mins for rolls
  • The bread will be cooked when firm on edges, golden, smells of baked bread and is hollow sounding when tapped on bottom. *Note that due to the fat and sugar content in this loaf, it may start to colour on the top – if this happens turn the oven down slightly or move the loaf down a shelf.
  • Cool then drizzle with icing




Tips, Tricks and Teaching Info

Enriched Dough

This type of dough is called an enriched dough. Additions such as wholemeal flour, eggs, butter, milk, sugar, honey and beer will make the dough lovely and soft and delicious but they will make it take longer to rise as they inhibit the yeast so don’t worry if your dough is slow to rise – give it time


Glazes add a finish to the top of your bread.  We don’t use a glaze in this recipe as we are going to ice the tops but for a shiny finish you could use an egg or milk glaze.