Our Tutors

Hello.  I’m Chloe Coker

I have been cooking ever since I could climb on a chair and reach the kitchen table.  I trained as a chef at Leiths School of Food and Wine, where I graduated from the professional diploma with distinction and won the Louis Latour wine student of the year award.  I have been teaching cookery for 8 years and have run classes at a number of cookery schools, including Leiths, Squires Kitchen and Divertimenti.  I have also run cookery demonstration at large events at the Excel Centre and have filmed how to videos for GoodHousekeeping UK.  My work has been featured in The Times, Brides Magazine, Squires Sugarcraft, Fabulous Magazine and the Mirror.  I have written two books:  The Vegetarian Pantry, a modern, seasonal vegetarian book focussing on fresh and simple cooking and Supercute Cookies, a biscuit baking and decorating book.  I also put together the recipes the book, Lost in London: Adventures in the City’s Wild Outdoors.  I am a member of the Guild of Food Writers.  When I am not working, I spend my time in the country as a mum to two young boys, growing vegetables and inventing recipes.

Hi.  I’m Clare Pope

I’ve been baking ever since I can remember. My mum used to bake with us all the time and my love of cake decorating grew from there. I was self taught and creating lots of cakes for friends and family when I decided that I would like to run my own business one day and also teach others my passion for baking. As I knew I wanted to teach, I took on and passed my PME masters in cake decorating back in 2012. I now run Clare’s Cake Boutique, a successful local cake making and decorating business and love teaching others whenever I can. I’ve been teaching for a couple of years either from my home kitchen or from local venues. I’m very excited to be taking my teaching to the next level with the kitchens we have at the round table cookery school.  When I’m not teaching or making cakes, I’m mum to a cheeky nearly 2 year old who makes me laugh all the time! I’m looking forward to being able to bake with him soon and I’m sure he’s looking forward to being my chief taster!

Hello.  I’m Alex Catchpole

I’ve been interested in food and food prep for as long as I can remember. At the tender age of 12, I won the medal for camp cookery at Scout camp!  Over the years I have followed vegetarian, vegan and raw diets, whilst omitting and adding many different food types.  I have worked at Plaw Hatch biodynamic farm, where I also cooked for the staff, Infinity Foods cafe in Brighton and spent time teaching cookery at Jamie Oliver’s cookery school.  For many years I have also been running my own health food business, Organergy, producing and selling healthy snacks and fermented foods. Along the way I have never stopped studying nutrition, in all its forms and have come to realise there is no one diet that suits all. Overwhelming evidence of late points to the importance of a strong, healthy gut and I am currently selling and also studying in depth, the foods that promote this.  I have a young family and also love teaching children and teenagers to cook and eat well.

Hi.  I’m Elle Fox

I am a health researcher, author and naturopath, specialising in gastrointestinal health and autism spectrum disordover, with 30 years’ experience in complementary health, lecturing and education. I discovered my love for fermented foods while searching for unadulterated, locally produced organic food and raw dairy as part of my Gut And Psychology Syndrome training. I am passionate about real, organic food and am involved with Old PlawHatch and Tablehurst Farms.   I have my own line of fermented foods “Bubbling Life” which are available from Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch farms, as well as the Good & Green health shop in East Grinstead. I run regular fermentation workshops and masterclasses in London, Sussex and Kent. The proceeds of the majority of my workshops go to support the building of an eco-friendly farm house at Tablehurst and the Young Farmer Apprentice Scheme at Plaw Hatch. For more information and workshop dates, visit Bubbling Life or email me at info@bubbling.life.

Hello.  I’m Steve Bridger

I have been in Catering all my life, starting when I was just 14 with an evening job at a Country Club cooking cakes and making desserts. I then spent two years at North Brook College followed by two years at Brighton Catering college and a further two years studying Patisserie at Westminster. I have had a number of interesting Jobs during my career, working in prestigious hotels and Restaurants as well as spending fourteen years as Head Chef at a leading International Management Training Centre. Here I developed my interest in training and teaching others and passing on the skills and techniques that I have gained over the last forty years Whilst working here I also taught Cookery and Food Hygiene part time for The Local Adult Education Authority (which I continue to do). I have a keen interest for using fresh and interesting ingredients and a keen eye for detail.  I run a weekly Thursday class as well as one off workshops where you can come along and learn how to cook and present different styles and types of dishes in a friendly, laid back but professional manner.

Hi.  I’m Jayne Duveen

I come from a long line of small scale, family farmers.  I studied Agriculture at Harper Adams University and set up a regional food group in Sussex, where I met many traditional producers and became passionate about good food.  Working with these producers, I set up Plawhatch Farm’s shop and also spent a number of years with Neal’s Yard Dairy in London, where I learn’t the importance of the attention to detail that is required to produce good food: the farming practise, the breed of animal, the feed, animal welfare, the cleanliness of the milker, the skill of the cheesemaker, the patience of the affineur and the interest of the retailer – each playing an important role.  I am now married to an organic farmer and together we have built up a herd of Native Sussex Cattle and a flock of Romney sheep.  We have a 100 acre organic fam, with 35 head of cattle and 60 sheep.  We market our own meat, which led me into the world of butchering and to working with Peter Martyn-Smith, a much revered butcher.  We hate waste and are passionate about whole carcass butchery, using skills such as boning, ageing, trimming and lard making to use the whole animal – a form of butchery which goes hand in hand with the sustainable farming practises that we uphold.

Hello.  I’m Peter Martyn-Smith

I was an apprentice butcher at one of the leading butchers in Worthing, Gearings.  Whilst serving my apprenticeship, I spent time at Smithfield College in London. Smithfield College was attached to Smithfield Meat Market, which has always played an important role in the UK meat industry, and it was here that I learnt the traditional skills of the trade.  I then practised for many years at Gearings before moving into the management side, developing and improving shops throughout the Sussex area.

As a traditional butcher, I am now rare in an industry where many butchers shops, along with their butchers, have sadly disappeared.  With the shops that have remained, there are few that maintain the practise of ageing, whole carcass butchery, curing bacon and rendering fat.  I am passionate about preserving and sharing these traditional skills and have been teaching butchery for a number of years across a range of animals and techniques.