Kids/Teens Stir Fry – Thursday 23 March 6pm – 7pm


Date: Tuesday 1 November 2022

Time: 6 pm –  7 pm

Location:  Your Home Kitchen via Zoom

Age:  Children/teens aged 8-16 (with Adult Supervision)

Tutors:  Chloe Coker

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Our series of kids’ & teens’ workshops are aimed at building skills and confidence in the kitchen. At each session we cook a meal for our family, while also looking at core cookery skills and nutrition, as we take a culinary journey around the world.  We believe in teaching students how to cook food that they like to eat so all our recipes are adaptable to different diets and tastes.

This week we looking at all the skills you need to make a great stir fry:  velveting marinades, knife skills, stir frying and stir fry sauces.  You can make a chicken, prawn, tofu or vegetable stir fry which you can serve with rice or noodles and a tasty stir fry sauce.

This week we will be making a classic pasta bake (you can choose what you add, from making a classic Mac’n’cheese, ham and broccoli, tuna and sweetcorn or roasted squash), a big colourful salad and chocolate fudge sundaes.

Our cookery club sessions  are running throughout the year. The cost is £10 per household for individual sessions, a block of 4 sessions is £35 (enter the code 4sessions at checkout) and there is 20% off bookings of 5 or more sessions (enter the code 5ormore at checkout)

*PLEASE NOTE*  We are firm believers that kids need to learn proper cooking, which inevitably involves knives and hot pans and thus adult supervision.  The level of supervision required will depend on the individual child’s age, ability and cooking experience, which only the parent can judge.  In purchasing the course you agree to provide adequate adult supervision in your home kitchen during the online workshop to ensure your child’s safety.