Stay Home & Cook Challenge

Who Fancies A Cooking Challenge?

Lockdown is a perfect opportunity to do some cooking so I have put together 50 of the most popular “essentials” style recipes from the cookery school – 10 breads, 10 bakes and 30 meals/desserts. The course is designed as a mix and match, with lots of different recipes that you can put together – challenge yourself to work through all of the recipes or pick and choose what you like.  

I will be cooking along with you and adding videos and extra recipes on Instagram and Facebook  so be sure to follow along. If you cook any of the recipes do tag us on social media @roundtablecookery, there is nothing better than seeing people cooking the recipes!  If you are cooking with kids we can send you a certificate and if you have teenagers doing DofE we can give you the forms for them to use the recipes for cookery as a skill – just get in touch.  

Stay safe and stay home and cook.  Chloe x


Get Ready To Cook …

The recipes below are set out in columns.  The first column is 10 popular bakes, the second column is breads (if you would like to learn to make bread cook them in order from top to bottom to build your knowledge as you go and have a look at our bread baking guide before you begin) and the last 3 columns are our 30 culinary journey recipes.  If you would like a copy of the challenge to put on your fridge and tick off what you have cooked you can print it here.

Soda Bread
Sausage Rolls / Veggie Rolls
Soup Step By Step
Shepherd’s Pie
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Quick Yoghurt Flatbreads

Chocolate Mousse
Fish Cakes
Macaroni or Cauliflower Cheese
All in one cake
Simple Olive Oil Dough
Steak and Chips
Easy Tomato Sauce
Quick Apple Tarts

Sausage / Roasted Veg Ragu 

Risotto Step by Step

Easy Meatballs / Aubergine Bake 

Betty’s Biscuits

Burger Buns / Soft White Loaf


Easy Roasting Dish Dinners


Vanilla Sponge / Cupcakes
Hot Cross Buns
Sweet Potato Hummus & Dips (coming soon)
Tagine & Couscous (coming soon)


Really Easy Chocolate Cake

Malted / Wholemeal Loaf 

Stir Fry Step by Step (coming soon)

Katsu Curry 

Sushi (coming soon)

Yeasted Naan 

Teriyaki Aubergine / Salmon 

Thai Curry (coming soon)

Curry Step by Step 

Banana Bread

Honey, Walnut & Rye Loaf 



Guacamole & Salsa 

Flourless Chocolate Torte 

Brioche (coming soon)

Fajitas / Fish Tacos 

Burgers / Veggie Burgers 

Cheesecake pots 

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