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The Round Table is so much more than a cookery course. It is an interactive cookery club designed to teach you everything you need to know to become a really confident cook. Imagine having a cookery teacher in your own kitchen to help you learn combined with a constantly growing cookbook full of ideas, recipes and tips & tricks from a professional chef and there you have it

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So why an online cookery school?

Our online school started in 2020 - when our physical classes had to stop during the pandemic we gathered together all the good stuff from the cookery school and took it online. We quickly discovered that learning to cook in your own kitchen, with your oven and utensils, is THE BEST way to learn and the online school took off.  Our classes are accessible and affordable, can be accessed any time, anywhere and have everything you need to try new recipes independently (with a professional chef to support you) which gives you the confidence to get cooking - and then you are away!  You will be simply amazed by what our students can cook at home

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